Facebook One-Click Lead Generation

Lead Generation Benefits:

  • Especially helpful for mobile users.
  • Faster for every user, reduces friction.
  • Eliminates spelling errors, reducing undeliverable emails.
  • Enables you to collect the prospect's primary email address for higher open rates.
  • Can also be used at networking events or tradeshows, to quickly collect contact info from people you meet.

This marketing application eliminates the need for your prospects to request information from you without having to type their details into a form.

Once installed on your website, your prospects will see a button, which they are prompted to click to receive free information.

If the prospect is logged into Facebook, this application automatically retrieves and saves their contact information directly from Facebook.

If you are using online forms to collect leads, one of the challenges we have is getting prospects to give you their primary email address, which is the one they would normally give to friends, family or close business associates.

According to a study out of Palo Alto, most people have a secondary email address, like a Gmail or Hotmail account and when they are unsure about the outcome of surrendering their primary email address, they will use their secondary address.

Here’s the problem: The open rate on primary email addresses is 83%.

But the open rate on a secondary email address is only 16%. They don’t check that inbox and when they do check it, it is very infrequent.

According to that study, if you can collect the primary email address, you’ll get close to 500% improvement to your open rates. That is significant!

So our challenge as marketers is to dream up methods to collect the primary email address rather than the secondary address.

One of the solutions we developed is a system for collecting their email address from their Facebook account, where most people use their primary email.

Rather than showing the prospect a traditional form, where they have to type in their email address, they see a single button. They click the button and a confirmation appears. When they click the confirmation, you receive their primary email address directly from Facebook, as well as their name.

Opting in this way is easier for them than typing, especially on a phone. It’s faster. And you get their primary email address, allowing you to enjoy premium open rates.