Benny is a Solutions Architect and Inspira AI Corp, developing the next generation of inspirational AI software solutions.

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Benny Traub has had the privilege of consulting some of the world's best brands, and hundreds of small businesses.

Benny Traub is the co-founder of Inspira AI Corp., and inventor of the 'Machine Suite', an end-to-end AI operating system for empowering a new generation of digital workers who are fully plugged-in to AI.

He is also the founder of the American Wealth Management Association and MarketingEducation.ORG. Mr. Traub speaks on topics of AI-enabled workforce optimization, specializing in the 'human' performance side of the equation.

Have Benny Speak at your Next Event

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Quick Facts about Benny...

  • Founder, American Wealth Management Association
  • Founder, MarketingEducation.ORG
  • Co-founder,
  • 40 Year Business Veteran
  • Bootstrapped 20 companies
  • 2 of his companies have gone public
  • Born Vancouver, Canada, 1963
  • Married lovely Carmen, 1990
  • Lives in Florida

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