Three Indispensable Ingredients of Online Prospecting...

Pre-Written Email Messages

Day 1

Subject 1: The ultimate marketing formula

Subject 2: Marketing 401 - The Golden Funnel Formula

Subject 3: [FREEBEE] - For my friends who need marketing


Dear [First Name]

I have some GREAT NEWS...

My friend Benny Traub (marketing expert extraordinaire!) is allowing us to give away his very secret marketing system the 'Golden Funnel Formula'.
[your link here]

Benny has taken two of his own companies public and now he is revealing his best kept marketing secrets. If you need to attract more clients and customers, grab your copy of the Golden Funnel Formula
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To YOUR success,[Your name here]

< ——————————————————————————————— >

Email 2.

Subject 1: A COMPLETE Biz in a box

Subject 2: Fed up working endless hours?

Subject 3: Your Own Software Business With Recurring Income


Dear [First Name].

If you’re still struggling to grow your business…

… Or if you’re fed up having to spend hours and hours slaving away at your business, neglecting your family and friends.


Then I have a solution.

Walt Bayliss is back with another one of his game-changing products.

This time, in a ‘super niche’ – Reputation management.

But not just a product… Walt is literally giving you a business in a box, with a REAL Recurring income software – where you get to keep the checks coming in month after month!

And the best thing?

You don’t need to know a thing about it!


Thanks to Walt’s amazing turn-key subscription business you can have people sending you $97/month WITHOUT having to do any of the work.




Click the link below to learn a little more about the product and how it’s already changing peoples lives and giving them the freedom they always wished they could have.


— Link here —


To YOUR success,


[Your name here]

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Email 3.

Subject 1: The Reputation Management Biz is BOOMING. (Cash In)

Subject 2: You’re missing out on a BOOMING niche.

Subject 3: The Hottest Opportunity In A Profitable Niche (Get Yours)


Dear [First Name].

Businesses are being damaged by people with smart phones

and If you’re not already in the ‘Reputation Management’ niche…


… you’re missing out – BIG TIME.

(If you already are… you are about to multiply your income several times)

People are cashing in left, right and centre and it’s the place to be right now.



… I don’t want you to jump in and start selling reputation management to businesses.

Not at all!

No… I want you to be SMART.


Who made the most money when the gold rush was happening?

People selling the spades.

So – I’m here today to give you the opportunity to start selling the ‘spades’.


My good friend Walt Bayliss has put together an amazing turn-key subscription service that’s going to allow you to do JUST that with very little work.

You will have your very own SOFTWARE BUSINESS where the customer is begging for the service – and will happily pay you month after month.

Check out exactly what he has to offer below – but I’m telling you… this IS the place to be right now.


— Link here —


To YOUR success,


[Your name here]