Keynote Presentations and Workshops

William Cohen, PhD,

March 9, 2016

Hi Benny,

As the President of the California Institute of Advanced Management, I had the good fortune to be present the night of your presentation and I am so glad I was there!

We host some of the most prominent speakers on the executive education circuit so you’ll be pleased to know that your audience rated you as one of the very best speakers during their MBA course.

They are still talking about your outstanding performance!

Your valuable and important information was delivered in a manner that will be remembered and I was proud that we invited someone of your abilities, and very happy that you accepted our invitation. Needless to say, I would be most pleased to have you back again!

William Cohen, PhD, California Institute of Advanced Management

Benny Speaks on Marketing...

  • How to Build a Proven, Online Sales Funnel to Generate Free, Inbound Inquiries from Prospects who are Ready to Buy Today.
  • How to Slash Advertising and at the Same Time Improve Results.
  • How to use Marketing Automation to Transform Luke-Warm Leads into Hot, Sales-Ready Leads.
  • How to Improve Website Marketing Performance by using Benny's 8-point Formula.

And on Personal Performance...

  • How to the leverage hidden inner-drives to put your future and your success on autopilot
  • The only proven system for accelerating personal performance... even broke failures can harness this!
  • 7 secrets for causing 'luck' to come towards you (nothing to do with the law of attraction)
  • Finding God's favor and making it stick
  • Co-laboring with the Lord... what is your responsibility, and what is His?

Benny's Journey...

At the age of nineteen (1983) I was homeless, living in a patch of trees beside the highway.

God must have stepped in because I went on to build a net worth that reached over one hundred million dollars. 

I have weathered the storms of several booms and busts over my 30+ year career.

Born in Vancouver Canada, I currently live in Los Angeles with Carmen, my wife of twenty five years. After too many years in the Canadian snow, we love sunny LA! (our second lovely place in the world is Sydney, Australia where we had some great years making friends and playing in the waves).

Our son, a graduate of UCLA's directing program, now operates a production company. When I help out, I get paid by getting named 'Executive Producer'. I also take on consulting contracts from a limited number of publicly traded and privately held companies, helping them attract investors and build scalable marketing systems.

As a speaker, I specialize in marketing and personal performance.

Robert Fukui

May 18, 2016


Thank you so much for your amazing marketing workshop that was both empowering and practical.

As you know, achieving positive sales results from marketing efforts takes good planning, continuous monitoring, and adjusting where needed. The tools you gave to our students will allow them to do just that.

The response from our students regarding your presentation was overwhelmingly positive and they wanted to hear more!

Thank you again and we will be inviting you to a future workshop for sure.

Robert Fukui
Director, WLI Marketplace

Robert Fukui Wagner Leadership Institute